Featured Artists

Jessica Lynn is a unique face and voice in modern music, she has been seen by millions on the road and in her three full-length nationwide concert television specials. Jessica’s powerful voice and fierce stage presence showcase the multi-faceted singer/songwriter’s instrumental talents playing piano, guitar, harmonica, and the drums.

Michael Grant & The Assassins play a diverse and exciting brand of hard rock music incorporating elements from alternative rock and metal, while exploring different textures, genres, and influences.

FEMMES OF ROCK, led by rock violinist and arranger, Nina DiGregorio, has rocked audiences worldwide with their blistering solos, unique arrangements—not to mention their beauty and charm.

Black Serbs are a music group pushing the boundaries of reality by bringing Black, Serbian, and other cultures together with genre-bending Space Punk music. A mix of Punk Rock, Hip-Hop, and Electronic music, their abundance of energy is infectious and causes a ruckus everywhere they go. Besides their multi-linguistic music, they break stereotypes in fashion and art with their refreshingly honest don’t-give-a-fuck attitude.

WD-HAN has played at hundreds of local venues, many major music festivals, appeared on Daytime America twice, toured Taiwan three times, and recorded four albums or EPs. Now, in 2020, this is their year, this is their decade. Releasing new songs every 4-6 weeks, touring, and appearing in more festivals, they are inviting you along for the ride.

Kickin’ Valentina is an American rock band from Atlanta that currently consists of singer D.K. Revelle, guitarist Heber Pampillon, bassist Chris Taylor, and drummer Jimmy Berdine. The band is currently signed to the Danish record label Mighty Music. According to guitarist, the band got their name from a fetish porn star who kicked men in their testicles.

CRAY, short for Cheney Ray, is not actually an abbreviation for “crazy.” The LA-based DJ, singer, producer, and gamer has been effortlessly styling Crocs and cultivating a fan base at a rate that could be defined as such, thanks to her sincere nature, genre-defiant bangers, humorous observations on life and relentless dedication to high-quality snackage since she entered the scene in 2015.

2019 Brandon signed his first solo record deal with Golden Robot Records. His single “RAIN WHISKEY” released in September of 2019 had thousands of streams within the first week! In 2020 Brandon raised the bar even higher by releasing “LEAVE” which is a song that promotes anti bullying. He teamed up with bullybully.org and “LEAVE” will be their official song.

Edge of Paradise is an American hard rock/heavy metal band that was formed in Los Angeles, California in 2011. The band is known for its heavy guitars complemented by industrial and classical influences, as well as Monet’s large vocal range. In 2012, Monet was featured in Metalholic’s “Top 25 Women in Hard Rock and Metal.

Alia Tempora is a modern metal band from the Czech Republic with a strong influence of pop, dance and dubstep music. The band is characterized by its emphasis on modern prismatic image, catchy music, captivating show, and the strong cult of personality of the frontwoman. The band is well situated in central and west Europe, has an influence in North America and Mexico, and has been seen on major festival stages.

Tomorrow Is Lost are currently one of the fastest-rising modern rock bands in the United Kingdom. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, the band quickly exploded onto the U.K. music scene after forming in 2017 and are already known as one of the hardest working bands on the live circuit… along with a reputation for high energy shows and their “down to earth” mindset about delivering great music for their fans.

Originating from Phoenix, Arizona Ekonovah is on a simple mission: to influence the electronic music scene with a new sound. After finding his voice, the 22-year-old is creating his identity by emphasizing musical integrity, danceable grooves, and a refreshing departure from the sound of mainstream electronic music.

Temple Balls is an energetic hard rock band from Finland. For the past couple of years Temple Balls has kept busy, both in the studio and on the stage. Opening for bands like Queen, Deep Purple and Uriah Heep they have proven to be more than able to handle big stages as well. Whether it be a big festival or your local club’s stage, the band will set your friggin’ pants on fire.

JVNA is the moniker of Jana, a 22-year-old LA based producer who is constantly blurring the lines between heart pounding and melodic music. Emerging in 2016 and crafting emotional productions ever since, she found initial success with her releases of “Waterfall” and a cover of Kingdom Heart’s “Dearly Beloved Sweater Weather”. She has continued to release video game themed covers alongside her originals, following this trend with her recent rendition of Skrillex’s “Face My Fears”.

DJ Soda is a South Korean DJ who is massively popular on social media site having more than 3.8 million followers and growing on her Instagram. To learn more about her, read the article below. Before Fame: She started pursuing DJ full time in 2014.

Honey Dijon, is an American DJ, producer, electronic musician, and fashion icon. She was born in Chicago and is based in New York City. She has performed at clubs, art fairs, galleries and fashion events worldwide. Renowned for not adhering to any particular genre, Honey Dijon is known for curating cross-genre sets.

More than a party band, more than a tribute band, Too White Crew is a full-blown rump-shakin’, rhyme-makin’ old school hip hop experience like nothing else you’ve ever seen!
A tasteful tribute to the fun hip hop and party anthems of the 80’s, 90’s, and early 00’s, featuring an all-live six piece band, MC’s, and “Fly Girl” dancers.